Way to go Cuban Pete

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Cuban Pete winning team.

This weekend they received a platinum score and first overall highest score in the Petite small group! Way to go girls!


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Come see TDC annual production showcasing our company dancers.  This year we will be doing Alice on February 6 at Atlee High School.

Four! 4/4 Time! Open House Time!

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What’s your grove? A Waltz in 3/4 time? A March in 2/4? Or is a Samba more your 2/4 speed? Whatever your beat, The Dance Company is celebrating FOUR this year with the opening of our fourth studio! Common time has never been so much fun as we hit a new downbeat with four times the energy. Come see it for yourself when we celebrate with an open house on August 25th from 4:00 until 7:30.

Our New Fourth Studio is Open

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